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Doujinshi List P1 [AO-KA]

A doujinshi list for me to keep track bcuz I'm anal like that lol. I have to split it into 2 posts. This ends at KAtekyo Hitman Reborn. For series whose names are after KA, pls go here.

This is an incomplete list right now!. Fandoms that are missing here: Kurobasu, Tenipuri, KHR, Fate/Zero, Code Geass, & D.Gray-Man. I'll put the missing djs up when I can be bothered to be not lazy lol.

Sorted by fandoms, then circles, (mostly) in alphabetical order bcuz I want this to be organized orz. Books are sorted by release dates tho. means personal favorite. The rare ♥♥ means I love this book to pieces & even a million dollars wouldn't make me part with it harhar.

Feel free to comment and tell me what doujins you'd like to be scanned next! If there are a lot of votes for a particular dj, I'll be sure to scan it! :D

Ao no ExorcistCode GeassDurararaFinal FantasyGintamaGundamHaikyuuHetaliaInazuma ElevenKatekyo Hitman Rebornfinal thoughts

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Updated 12/10/28: Obviously I got into new fandoms recently lol. Expect more kuroko no basket, inazuma eleven, & fate/zero once I have time to put them up.

11/09/16: This isn't actually all tbh. I have about 30+ more books back at my house (I'm at college in another state rn), so I couldn't include them cuz I don't remember lmao. They're mostly khr, d.gray-man (not on this list at all but I actually have a LOT of dgm djs orz), code geass, & tenipuri.

Just skimming the list you can probs tell who my biases are in each fandoms lol. I buy anything involving my biases w/ arts I happen to like. sometimes I even buy pairings I don't ship but don't particularlymind, just bcuz I like the art, like Yukio/Rin or Hibari/Tsuna OTL

Thoughts, comments? what do you want to see scanned next? or want to introduce me to an awesome circle I've missed out on so I can buy their dj next time? Tell me I've wasted so much money on djs & need to get a grip? OTL Anything is welcomed~ :]
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The hardest thing you will ever have to do, is wait.

⇒So, I just totally unhinged two doorknobs and switched them with each other by myself. Thus, my room now has a lock (& now the computer room doesn't, anymore)! :"D! ...Urm, yeah, who says only guys can do mechanics stuff, huh. >_>;; Took me about 30 minutes. My fingers were all black & smelled of steel afterward, but I'm quite proud of myself. /o/

⇒I... just spent over 100 dollars to buy Arashi magazines online. Using my mom's credit card. That she does not quite know yet. I am not sure how I feel about this. :"( Oh Arashi, the things I do for you. /sigh I just bought a new, shiny 500 gigs hard drive just to store Arashi stuff orz. Apparently I have over 20 gigs of just Arashi pictures. My life, whut. :/

Oh, and pimping this out again just in case anyone missed it. (this is my journal, I mean, come on, right? :P) shojunaday & matsumiyaday. Go join! :D These two pairings seriously need more love, you know. ♥

⇒Lastly, uh, graphics stuff.

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SuJu fanfic: In the End c01

Ok, yes, I know, I fail so hard for starting another fic when my other chaptered fic is still not done. It's just that once I thought of gang!Suju & badass!Kibum, the idea was way too hot & tempting to pass up. *o* Soooo, here, have a fic!

Title: In the End
Pairing: Kibum/Donghae aka KiHae
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~2160
Chapter: I
Summary: Kibum is the cool and charismatic second-in-command of the most powerful gang in Seoul. Donghae is a bright and bubbly new transfer student. The two are worlds apart, but when Donghae (literally) runs into Kibum one day, the younger boy's life will be turned upside down. The frustrating thing is, Donghae's not in the least bit sorry about it at all!
Notes: Let's pretend for a second that Ki & Hae are roughly the same age, ok?
Next: Chapter II | Chapter III

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KHR Fanfic: Nightingale [[8018]]

This is an entry pertaining to KHR. Sorry to all those on my flist who don't know it. :X

Anyway, so, I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I started crushing hard on Yamamoto lol. I mean, I've always liked him, but now my obsession for him just jumped like, a million times more. XD;;

I like him so much that I've been converted to 8059. I mean, I keep telling myself in the past that "No, I am NOT going to fall for the most canon pairing in KHR." but lol it looks like I did. I'm sad that Nalis, my fave. 8059 circle, took down her KHR site & start on some other series now. ;____;

And don't get me started on 8018. I ♥ it SO MUCH now. Lol I even changed my profile pic because of it. Check out this beautiful pic *___* ...Except I wanted to add some snazzy effects to it & ended up ultimately ruining it. >>;;

Anyway, I love 8018 so much that, here, have a fic. :D

Title: Nightingale
Author: decolorize
Pairing: Yamamoto/Hibari
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5941 *dies*
Summary: Yamamoto knows that Hibari is like a bird.
Notes: This is my take on how 8018 will work in canon, because, honestly, I cannot see them any other way than this when you put all of that fanon thing aside.

A BIIIIIIIIIIG thank you to hiroya_chan for beta-ing this failed!fic of mine. ILU, BB. ♥ I kind of want to write an 8018 meta now, but all their interactions amount to like, 4 panels total in the manga. ;____;

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